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Our lead designer, Selam Haile, is originally from Ethiopia and has been interested in the arts from a very young age. In high school, Selam designed her own clothes and shoes and worked closely with local tailors to bring her concepts to life.


In college Selam majored in Fine Arts and began painting professionally. Her work has been displayed by boutique galleries in California and commissioned by private collectors.


Selam draws her inspiration from her personal experiences, travels and memories from Africa, often times paying homage to colorful and tight-knit- bonds between women.

Aidartisan is her most recent passion project. It’s the perfect combination of arts, women’s fashion and an opportunity to pay tribute to African aesthetics. 


It’s the perfect combination of art, fashion and an opportunity to pay tribute to African aesthetic.

The strength of the brand is in the diversity of contributors. A collective of East African artisans who specialize in bead work, horn jewelry, metals and fabrics send their best to our atelier and we pour over their work to make it even better. At times the additions will be minuscule, a stronger clasp or a firm zipper and other times we create entirely original pieces by combining materials and adding flare where we see fit.

Aidartisan is founded on the belief that art inspires more art, and magic happens when you add just the right touch.

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